Knife Skills Snobs

knife skillsBefore I took my first hands-on cooking class at Sur La Table, I considered myself a pretty good cook. But little did I know, I’d walked into Hell’s Kitchen. Our chef instructor, Monique or Lalique, assigned workstations and gave us our first task: chop a shallot into ¼-inch dice for a basil cream sauce.

Everyone around me was going chop, chop, chop, chop. It was like a scene from Ratatouille, but I’m going, slice-pull, slice-pull because I don’t have a rat under my hat telling me what to do. The chop, chop, chopper next me looked at my technique and said, “That’s not how you hold a knife.”

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Gateway Ice Cream

woman-dropped-ice creamLike most addictions, mine started innocently, like a casual snort of coke at an Academy Awards party, but my drug of choice is more sly, more pernicious. I’m hooked on—ice cream snack cups. Those evil little cartons are the nickel bag of dairy products, what I call—Gateway Ice Cream. They are nothing short of an international junk-food marketing conspiracy designed to weaken and then bilk the public into gladly paying $1.25 for a product that should cost 10 cents.

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