Apartment Living


woman searching dryerI’d rather live in a sleeping bag under a bridge than in an apartment. On my fun things to do list, apartment living rates right below pulling hair out of the bathtub drain.

What I find difficult is the forced familiarity. I know things about my neighbors that strangers should not know about each other, things that should only be shared after a late-night Jacuzzi session with three or four mojitos.

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Lady Liberty Works the Swing Shift


Lady Liberty-pexels-photo-66709One day while driving down Beach Boulevard, I passed a typical strip mall where one shop had a huge sign that read: Caskets, Urns and Gravemarkers: Direct to the Public. I don’t know about you, but I hate buying those things indirectly.

Then, I passed the usual conclave of psychic palm readers, the last of which also sells ceiling fans and vitamins, and on that corner, under the billboard advertising Actors and Models for Christ, I spotted something . . . unusual: Lady Liberty waiting for a bus.

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