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IWWTMMC -- Front CoverHilarious, a bit naughty, and oh, so true rhymes and reasons why cats are better than men. Great gift for cat lovers, brides-to-be, or any woman who’s having man troubles and needs a good laugh. Loaded with the annoying habits of men that drive women crazy, you’ll soon see the wisdom in choosing your cat, though technically, marrying a cat is illegal in most states. (Please write to your Congressman.)

In the eternal conundrum of who is superior—cat vs. man—this sidesplitting, not-for-children book has the answers, with witty insights such as: “My cat is the only male it appears, who looks good with hair in his ears.” Each laugh-out-loud page is illustrated and has a spot-on “Paw Note.” Cat owners will see their cats and their men on the pages of I Want To Marry My Cat.

Paperback, 6″ x 6″, 108 pages, Printed in U.S.A., $9.95, ISBN: 978-0-9759963-2-4


TheMachinist'sCookbook-cover-ideaThe Machinist’s Cookbook
is for men with big appetites who like good food and lots of it, men who know that a balanced breakfast is a slice of pizza in each hand. It’s also for men (and women) who like their food with a side order of laughs. The Machinist’s Cookbook is filled with great-tasting, simple-to-make food. If you want a fancy-assed restaurant meal, go to a fancy-assed restaurant.

Most cookbooks for men revolve around two themes: avoiding starvation or cooking your way into a woman’s bedroom. Luckily, The Machinist’s Cookbook addresses both of these worthy goals. Here’s how it works. Women like machinists because they can fix things, and a machinist who can also fix dinner doubles his chances with women.

The Machinist’s Cookbook features: 220-plus machine shop tested recipes, easy to follow step-by-step instructions, a 1-to-4 Wrench Rating System, a Manual of Cooking Terms for Machinists, hundreds of line drawings and loads of machine shop humor.

The Machinist’s Cookbook is not just for men. Women also love its tasty recipes and down-home humor. This book makes a great gift for anyone who has to answer the eternal question, “Honey, what’s for dinner?”

ISBN 978-0-9759963-8-6, 7″ x 10″, Spiral Bound, $24.95

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