Pam Cropped from CafeHi, I’m Pam Tallman. Welcome to my blog. I hope it makes you laugh or at least guffaw or possibly titter. There’s not enough tittering in this world.

After 25 years as a costume designer, I set down my scissors and picked up a pen. For the next ten years I illustrated five books on machine shop practice and welding, so to keep my head from exploding, I started what I call—The Center for Advanced Silliness. It’s actually just my desk, where I can never find anything because no matter what I need, it’s under a cat.

Now I am a humorous writer person and illustrator of important stuff. My essays have appeared in Orange Coast Magazine, Fine Homebuilding, Threads, Quilting Today, The Orange County Register and The Laguna Beach Independent.

I’ve written and illustrated two books: The Machinist’s Cookbook—220 Recipes for Men with Big Appetites and Big Tools and my adults-only cat book—I Want to Marry My Cat—101 Rhymes and Reasons to Dump your Man and Marry Your Cat. (Do not buy this for children or you may scar them for life.) My two novels, having not found a publishing house, are currently homeless and are sadly living under my bed in a cardboard box, not unlike the cardboard boxes that my cats like to snooze in.

So trim your claws and join me on this wild ride. No E-Ticket required. (For those under 40, an E-Ticket got you onto the best rides at Disneyland.)